Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Reason Why I Love You

Your smile
When u smile at me,I can’t help but smile back. It makes anything that’s wrong in my world just melt away. Your smile fixes everything.
Your eyes
They’re so warm and honest. I feel like I can trust you with anything just from thrr way u look at me, they’re full of personality and by looking at u,I can tell almost exactly what you’re thinking. I feel as if I could stare into them for hours.
The way u touch me
I love how you’re always touching me and cudding with me. I’m just like u in the sense that touch is a huge aspect of a relationship and u fulfill that perfectly.
Your sense of humor
You’re so sweet and goofu. It doestn’t matter how I’m feeling or what kind of a mood I;m in,u always know exactly what to do to make me smile.
You listen to me
Nothing I say sounds stupid to u and you’re always genuinely interested in whatever it is I have to say. Even when we’re arguing or when I’m upset and crying,u listen and know exactly what to say. You say all the right things.
The way u make me feel
Whenever I’m with u,I feel safe and secure. I finally feel as if I belong somewhere is with u. you’re my home.
How tall u are
I love being able to look up at u. I love the fact that you’re so much bigger than me,it makes me feel so little and it’s like u can shield me from absolutely anything.
I love your everything
U are everything I’ve never wanted,everything I’ll ever need,everywhere I want to be, and everything to me. U know me ‘by heart’. Dear.i love u and I wont let go if u won’t.

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