Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dumd azz im missing u so much.

No words I write can ever say,how much I miss u everyday. As time goes by the loneliness grows,how I miss u,nobody knows. I think of u silence,I often speak ur name but  I have are memories and photos. I I never stopped loving u,I don’t think I ever will.deep inside my heart u are still. No one knows my sorrow. No one sees me weep but the love I have for u. is in my heart and mine to keep. Heartaches in this world are many but mine is worse than nay. My heart still aches as I whisper low. ‘I need u and I miss u so’. The things ffee; so deeoply,are often the hardest things to say but I just cant keep quite anymore so I’ll tell u anyway. There is a place in my heart,that no one can fill. i miss u A.

The Reason Why I Love You

Your smile
When u smile at me,I can’t help but smile back. It makes anything that’s wrong in my world just melt away. Your smile fixes everything.
Your eyes
They’re so warm and honest. I feel like I can trust you with anything just from thrr way u look at me, they’re full of personality and by looking at u,I can tell almost exactly what you’re thinking. I feel as if I could stare into them for hours.
The way u touch me
I love how you’re always touching me and cudding with me. I’m just like u in the sense that touch is a huge aspect of a relationship and u fulfill that perfectly.
Your sense of humor
You’re so sweet and goofu. It doestn’t matter how I’m feeling or what kind of a mood I;m in,u always know exactly what to do to make me smile.
You listen to me
Nothing I say sounds stupid to u and you’re always genuinely interested in whatever it is I have to say. Even when we’re arguing or when I’m upset and crying,u listen and know exactly what to say. You say all the right things.
The way u make me feel
Whenever I’m with u,I feel safe and secure. I finally feel as if I belong somewhere is with u. you’re my home.
How tall u are
I love being able to look up at u. I love the fact that you’re so much bigger than me,it makes me feel so little and it’s like u can shield me from absolutely anything.
I love your everything
U are everything I’ve never wanted,everything I’ll ever need,everywhere I want to be, and everything to me. U know me ‘by heart’. Dear.i love u and I wont let go if u won’t.

Monday, 19 December 2011

my empty mind

seriously,i have nothing to write. hahaha. stupid right? haha. beh bait aku sik payah polah blog nak? hihi. aku blur bah bongok. ntah apa mok diluah aku,lak jadi sik tentu pasal peydap orang melayan karenah aku.yeaahhh otak kosonggg otak otak otaaakk