Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dumd azz im missing u so much.

No words I write can ever say,how much I miss u everyday. As time goes by the loneliness grows,how I miss u,nobody knows. I think of u silence,I often speak ur name but  I have are memories and photos. I I never stopped loving u,I don’t think I ever will.deep inside my heart u are still. No one knows my sorrow. No one sees me weep but the love I have for u. is in my heart and mine to keep. Heartaches in this world are many but mine is worse than nay. My heart still aches as I whisper low. ‘I need u and I miss u so’. The things ffee; so deeoply,are often the hardest things to say but I just cant keep quite anymore so I’ll tell u anyway. There is a place in my heart,that no one can fill. i miss u A.

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